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By law, patients must give their informed consent to all medical and surgical procedures 

Clinicians waste hours repeating the same information and hand-writing consent forms

Consent often overlooks important information about the alternatives to treatment and the risks involved...

…which is why 75% of surgical malpractice suits cite inadequate consent.


- Saves time. Automatically generate bespoke electronic consent forms at the click of a mouse or swipe of a finger.

- Standardises consent process for all patients.

- Advises patients of ALL risks in keeping with Montgomery (2015) ruling.

- GDPR compliant digital storage - cannot be lost or altered.

- NHS and private practice.


- Discuss the procedure with your consultant, access your record securely at any time.

- Explains alternatives, risks and benefits of surgery in plain English with no medical jargon.

- Up to date information from surgeons about your treatment including videos.

- Sign an online consent form for you and your surgeon to see.